The Exel and its competitors

The following table is a summary of the characteristics and performance data of various single-seater powered sailplanes.
The Schleicher Ka-6 specifications are also displayed as a reference, because we believe that this glider is one of the most efficient for recreational soaring, with good performance both in thermals and cross-country flights.

Beware that information was provided from the manufacturers, and is subject to change without notice. If you are about to buy one of these motorgliders, please consult each manufacturer or the dealers for the latest information, rather than relying exclusively on the information presented here.

It is not our intention to tell you that the Exel is much better than its competitors. There is a lot to consider in buying a sailplane (powered or not), and you have to know what you want to favor. The Exel is a good compromise between safety, easy maintenance, performance, at a reasonable cost. It takes advantage of the fixed engine, composite construction, low wing loading and low stall speed.

If you need a light powered sailplane with very good penetration qualities, then the AC-5m will be the best choice. But with a higher wing loading, this sailplane won't be so easy to fly in narrow thermals, and your stall speed will be faster (beyond the FAI criteria for ultralight aircraft). The Silent IN offers a lower wing loading and stall speed, but uses a retractable single-cylinder too. If you want a tricycle gear, the Piccolo is the only solution. If you need the cheapest price, the Tst-3 TM will be the best choice. Each design is different, it's up to you to make your opinion, considering your goals and experience. The Exel is a real motorglider, it wasn't designed as a pure sailplane and equipped later with an engine ; it offers the security and easy maintenance of the fixed engine (no mechanical lever or electrical device, folding mast, bay doors,...), is hard to beat in thermals, can be quickly rigged by one person without any special equipment, and can be taxiied on the ground without any assistance. It can be fitted with a very efficient rescue parachute. It is easy to fly, safe, and demonstrates performance close to a Ka-6, with full independence and small size, and a modern structure...

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Ka-6 CR
Tst-3 TM
Silent IN
Construction Wood and fabric Composites Composites Wood and fabric,
Composites Composites
Empty weight 190 kg
(419 lbs)
190 kg
(419 lbs)
180 kg
(397 lbs)
195 kg
(429 lbs)
170 kgs
(375 lbs)
170 kg
(375 lbs)
Gross weight 304 kg
(670 lbs)
310 kg
(683 lbs)
297 kg
(655 lbs)
300 kg
(661 lbs)
290 kg
(639 lbs)
275 kg
(606 lbs)
Length 6.68 m
(21.9 ft)
5.90 m
(19.3 ft)
6.28 m
(20.6 ft)
5.90 m
(19.3 ft)
6.38 m
(21 ft)
Span 15.0 m
(49.2 ft)
13.74 m
(45.1 ft)
13.30 m
(43.6 ft)
13.8 m
(45.2 ft)
12 m
(39.37 ft)
12.6 m
(41.3 ft)
Wing area 12.45 m2
(134 sq ft)
11.62 m2
(125.1 sq ft)
10.60 m2
(114 sq ft)
10.5 m2
(113 sq ft)
10.3 m2
(110.9 sq ft)
7.7 m2
(82.9 sq ft)
Aspect ratio 18.1:1 16.2:1 16.6:1 17.1:1 14:1 20.6:1
Max. wing loading 24.41 kg/m2
(5.00 lb/sq ft)
26.67 kg/m2
(5.46 lb/sq ft)
28.01 kg/m2
(5.73 lb/sq ft)
28.57 kg/m2
(5.85 lb/sq ft)
28.15 kg/m2
(5.76 lb/sq ft)
35.71 kg/m2
(7.31 lb/sq ft)
Engine : type (no engine) JPX D-320,
SOLO 2350 BS
Rotax 447 ,
Zanzottera MZ35i,
single cylinder,
Zanzottera MZ-34
single cylinder,
Engine : power (no engine) 18 hp 23 hp (nc) 28 hp 26 hp
Engine : configuration (no engine) fixed fixed retractable retractable
(electric motor)
Fuel capacity (no engine) 19 l (5 gal) 22.5 l (5.9 gal) 15 l (3.96 gal) 20 l (5.3 gal) (nc)
Propeller (no engine) two blades,
three blades,
two blades one blade two blades
Landing gear fixed, monowheel fixed, monowheel,
with steering tail wheel
fixed, tricycle,
steering nose wheel
fixed, monowheel fixed,monowheel,
with front wheel
Climb rate (no engine) 2 m/s
(394 ft/mn)
2.2 m/s
(434 ft/mn)
(nc) 2.5 m/s
(490 ft/mn)

3.5 m/s
(700 ft/mn)

Best L/D 31:1 30:1 23:1 33:1 31:1 34:1
Minimum sink 0.65 m/s
(128 ft/mn)
0.75 m/s
(148 ft/mn)
0.9 m/s
(177 ft/mn)
0.75 m/s
(148 ft/mn)
0.70 m/s
(138 ft/mn)
0.75 m/s
(148 ft/mn)
Stall 68 km/h
(36 kst, 42 mph)
64 km/h
(34 kts, 39 mph)
54 km/h
(29 kts, 33 mph)
62 km/h
(33 kts, 38 mph)
62 km/h
(33 kts, 38 mph)
74 km/h
(40 kts, 46 mph)
VNE (nc) 180 km/h
(97 kts, 112 mph)
170 km/h
(91 kts, 105 mph)
180 km/h
(97 kts, 111 mph)
200 km/h
(107 kts, 110 mph)
220 km/h
(119 kts, 136 mph)
Ready to fly version _ YES YES YES YES YES
Kit version _ YES NO YES YES YES